Reasons for having a doorstep milk delivery

Posted in Stop Press by Fred Shone on 4th June 2013.

There are number of benefits that can be enjoyed as a result of signing up for a doorstep delivery of fresh milk and dairy produce. They include the following:

:  Wake up to fresh milk each morning on your doorstep in time for breakfast

:  Doorstep delivery avoids unnecessary hassle and cost/time wasted jumping in the car and driving to the local garage/shop for milk

:  Cuts down on unnecessary shopping trips thus avoids costly impulse buying on special offers/bargains that you simply don’t need

:  Milk from glass bottles is more eco-friendly and tastes much better compared to supermarket poly containers

:  The service is flexible, convenient and fits around your daily needs/requirements, hence giving you one less thing to think about

: Milk will be delivered in time for your breakfast and you will never run out

: By having a milk delivery you will be supporting a local business that supports the local economy by employing local people

: You will be supporting and safeguarding the future of British dairy farmers instead of filling the greedy supermarkets pockets

: The milkman is the eyes and ears of the community, keeping a close watch on the local neighbourhood and the elderly.

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