Support British Dairy Farmers

Posted in Stop Press by Fred Shone on 3rd June 2013.

By arranging a delivery of milk and dairy produce from ourselves, you are in turn helping to support and safeguard the current existence and future livelihoods of local British dairy farmers. For those consumers who purchase milk from the local supermarket, in most cases the milk is imported in from outside countries, hence cutting off farmers from vital revenue streams and thus jeopardising the future and very existence of British Dairy Farming as a result. The effect of imported milk will also have adverse on the wider economy, with consumers choosing poorer quality produce and food-stuffs which will also increase the likelihood of long-term health problems.

All our milk is sourced from the local Cheshire Belt via our main supplier Creamline dairies, which helps to minimise transport costs which in turn is reflected in the reasonable final retail selling price charged for our quality milk and dairy produce.

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