Various Payment Options

Posted in Stop Press by Fred Shone on 3rd June 2013.

We are constantly striving for new and innovative ways to make life easier for our customers and to reduce the level of risk to our delivery staff.

There are several different payment options available for existing customers to choose from, which are as follows:

: Payment via our website (access via your online account)

: Payment via credit/debit card over the phone

: Payment via BACS (online bank transfer)

: Payment via post (cheque)

: Leaving payment out for collection in an agreed safe place for morning collection (cheque/cash)


Please note in some areas we do still operate a separate evening cash collection service, performed either on a fortnightly or four weekly basis. However as we look to the future we are looking to gradually phase this system out in order to boost the efficiency and quality of service we provide. We therefore stress to new customers that we will NOT be able to provide a separate cash collection service unless completely necessary. Any problems etc please get in touch via email ( or via telephone  (01270) 841480.

Call us today on 01270 841480 or email