*Reasons for Signing up for a doorstep milk delivery*

Posted in Stop Press by Fred Shone on 30th December 2014.

It’s cheaper in the shops you might say, someone could steal it, the birds could drink it before you have chance to put it on your cereal and you’ll forget to cancel it before you go on holiday. So here are some reasons that might make you consider buying from your local milkman!

PRICE. Right, so in Dec 2014, a pint of semi-skimmed milk from F E O Shone & Son retailed at 69p per pint – as opposed to 49p for the same at Tesco’s. However you haven’t had to get dressed and go out in the rain or snow to get it and you haven’t got the added cost of fuel to drive to the local store or the hassle of having to wait in a queue to be served, not to mention the time it takes and those little extras that appear in your shopping trolley when popping out to pick up a pint of milk. Plus you help to save the planet! Wouldn’t you pay just 20p for that?

ECO CHOICE. The ECO choice is the BEST choice!: getting milk in a glass bottle, which you put back outside your front door when empty so the milkman can take it away, wash it and then bring it back full again, beats the plastic bottle hands down. Sure, you can recycle those plastic bottles – but hey, it’s far better not to make them in the first place. (And you can stick the aluminium bottle tops from the glass bottles in the recycling too.)

CONVENIENCE. Going on holiday? Choose between leaving a last-minute note out in the bottle saying ‘no milk today please, Mr. Milkman!’ (Yes, this archaic form of paper-based communication actually still works), or changing your order online (perhaps from Manilla). While you’re there, you may be tempted by the wide range of groceries (i.e. eggs, juice, bread, potatoes, yogurts etc) that you can order to arrive with your milk when you get home. The quality is also amazing, and if you’re actually stuck at home for some reason, it sure is handy.

OTHER INFO. Our milkmen turn up mostly before 8am. Delivery mornings vary from 3 days to 6 days per week depending on where you live (please ask for further details). If you’re a late riser, you may wish to consider buying an insulated milk holder or just putting out a cool box for summer, as your milk get hot in the sun. Our milkmen respond well to notes and also give their customers a Christmas card to wish them well and thank them for their custom year in, year out.

THE 20th CENTURY MILKMAN. Gone are the days when you had to wait in to pay your milkman. With ourselves you can now settle your account by monthly Direct debit, by calling the office and paying by card, by bacs payment through your bank or by registering on the website you can settle your account by the click of your mouse, it really is quite simple and you no longer have to worry about your milk bill building up.

ORDER CHANGES. You can change your order around as much as you like to suit your situation and you can alter your order up until 3pm  the day before your next delivery but sticking to the same order each week once you’ve worked out how much milk you actually need makes things straightforward for everyone. There’s nothing like the magic of running out of milk on a Monday night, then opening the door to a fresh, dew-speckled pint on Tuesday morning, nice and fresh for your morning cuppa.

Call us today on 01270 841480 or email info@shonesmilkandnews.co.uk